Highwood Coffee. Calgary's lowest carbon footprint speciality coffee roaster.

Owner: Highwood Coffee
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 20.00
Categories: Beverages, Local Businesses
Website: Https://highwoodcoffee.ca
Price in $: $16.50

Highwood Coffee Strives to be the lowest carbon specialty coffee roaster in Western Canada. We have a number of initiatives Such as : - Renewable energy from Bullfrog energy - Planting trees with Onetreeplanted.org 1 tree for every $55 in combined sales (accumulated) that Highwood coffee does. - Coffee bag recycling TerraCycle - Co-op timeshare roasting (reducing the amount of roaters need to be manufactured) - Raw coffee orders combined with our co-op of roasters to reduce travel and trips by air or sea. - Local deliveries for online orders are made by Bicycle (hyper local) or Ev up to 50km. If you have any questions feel free to say hi and email us at sales@highwoodcoffee.ca Calgary dollars purchases are offered onsite at Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers market only. We accept 20% in Calgary Dollars. Sorry our online site is not set up for Calgary dollars sales yet.