Garden Plants

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Sandra Fitzpatrick
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 20.00
Categories: Home-based, House, Garden, Hillhurst Sunnyside
Price in $: $4.50
Advertisement type: Goods

My garden has more plants than I need!
The following are able to overwinter/self seed and have survived Alberta winters and chinooks!
4in/10 cm pots are $4.50 each or any 3 for 12.
20% Calgary Dollars
Delivery available at the markets or by arrangement.

Lanium -- low ground cover with either purple or white flowers. sun and part sun

Lily of the Valley -- shade loving. Spreads underground.

Catnip -- very potent nip that your cat will love! Indoor or outdoor. Air dry and store in the freezer. For indoors, put into a bird or hamster cage to protect the plant. Used by Drool Pawtesserie for their catnip treats! Also makes a calming tea for humans.

Lovage -- Originally from SE Asia and known there as Maggi. Celery like taste. Grows to 2 metres, but sulks when transplanted. Use leaves in your stir-fry or a salad.

Comfrey -- Large green leaves. Make an infusion of the chopped up leaves as a fertilizer or add to your compost heap. Medicinal, but do not ingest.

Violas -- tiny pansy like flowers with purple shades, some with yellow. Self seeding.