FREE Delivery - Antique Pump Organ for Desk Repurpose

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Owner: Dan Modderman
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 100.00
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Please contact me if you are interested in making this 100-year-old antique pump organ into a desk or other furniture. I will be dismantling it and picking it up tomorrow afternoon, so let me know asap if you want it in one piece (in which case you will have to pick it up around 4-5pm). These antique organs were made from the hardwood of old growth forests on the east coast that no longer exist. Nice wood like this is becoming increasingly difficult to find. After tomorrow I can deliver it in a dismantled state if notified before the end of this month. FREE delivery if within 5 km of the Charleswood area, or we can discuss gas money amount if beyond. The size would be roughly 5 ft long, 2 ft depth and 4-5ft height. Weight would be around 100-150 pounds with organ musical components removed. I could help load if you come tomorrow afternoon (Saturday Sept. 18) to the Glendale neighbourhood. I will be removing some internal parts for fixing other organs into playing condition, but these won't affect the wood case that could be used to make the desk. Do a Google image search for "organ desk" to see example of what could be made.