Brand New Oak Hardwood Flooring Cut Ends (real wood) 114 sq. ft

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Dan Modderman
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 50.00
Categories: House, Garden, Triwood
Price in $: $130.00
Advertisement type: Goods

Price reduced from $160 to $130.

Brand-new composite/engineered hardwood flooring cut ends (real wood) with tongue and groove (T&G) joints. 114 square feet total area coverage, 2 to 6 ft lengths (quantity excludes small scrap pieces less than 2 ft long).

15mm (5/8") total thickness. 4 mm thick oak hardwood surface, 9 mm T&G, 2 mm thick softwood base (e.g. spruce), various lengths and widths as outlined below. Could work well for a small area or decorative wall feature. The hardwood surface has a slightly tinted wood stain on it. Only about 1 month old, never used as flooring.

Original brand-new value over $6-7/square foot. I'm offering a deep discount due to the fact that these are cut ends: * $1.80/sq. ft. for pieces with intact tongue and groove joints on the long sides and * $0.00/sq. ft. [FREE] for pieces cut lengthwise with one side of the tongue and groove joint missing.

This works out to $130 total, see spreadsheet calculation in the photos. Various scrap pieces are also available with the allotment for free. The entire allotment must be purchased in its entirety at one time, $130 or best offer.

Contactless pickup options in Charleswood.