Verge Permaculture Design Course

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Owner: Verge Permaculture
Category: Education
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Price in $: $1,299.00
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Whether you’re a multi-degreed, credentialed professional or an entrepreneurial graduate of the School of Life, we can guarantee this is like no course you’ve ever taken before.

With over 72 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction, the Permaculture Design Certificate is the international standard for permaculture certification. You’ll discover the principles and practices for designing and implementing a regenerative human habitat, for a fraction of the cost of a conventional environmental degree.

With its sheer depth and range of topics, the program’s appreciating value, its unique and pioneering structure, our three levels of engagement to fit your schedule, budget, and business vision – and, last but not least, our track record of graduates’ successful businesses – this course will give you new hope and a new vision, the technical and business foundations to build it on, and the community-building skills to support it.

If you’re looking for a springboard into a new business or career – one that can make the crucial difference for you, your community, and the planet in the hard times that are approaching – this is the course to take.