Approved Dayhome by Genesis Center on Taracove

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Shamaila Maqsood
Category: Family / Children
Percentage accepted in C$ (%): 10.00
Price in $:
Advertisement type: Services

Mutasim's Loving and Learning Center is Eco- friendly home-based childcare conveniently located on Taracove Estate Rd ( by Genesis Center).

Dedicated to fostering an environment filled with developmental learning and exploration, your child will participate in various activities throughout the day such as circle time singing, dance and musical instruments arts and crafts special appreciation awards weekly visits to public library and genesis center field trips and much more...

As a parent, you will enjoy, open door policy peace of mind a compassionate daycare provider dedicated to you and your little one AFFORDABLE RATES AND SUBSIDY IS AVAILABLE 2 SPACES OPEN FOR 0-12 AGES