FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Gift Certificate for tickets $100 value

Trade type: Offer
Owner: FunnyFest
Category: Events
Percentage accepted in C$ (%): 90.00
Price in $: $100.00
Advertisement type: Services

$100 Gift certificates for most events year - round events AND the 19th annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Society May 30 to June 9, 2019

◦ 11 nights of comedy!

◦ 70 performers!

◦ Over 11,000 punch lines!

◦ 11 diverse venues!

◦ 11 comedy themes!

◦ Variety of laughs for the clean lovers to the twisted!

◦ Comedy for Causes

◦ The most talent and laughs per show anywhere!

EACH COMEDY EVENT FEATURES: 6 performers per show; average length 2 hours; doors open 1 hour before show time; Yes, there are great food options & tasty beverage services

Average price per Ticket: Only $20 (so your GC gets you 5 admissions).

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