coRISE Superfood

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Percent (%) C$ accepted: 50.00
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coRISE Superfood is a dedicated food upcycling social enterprise in Calgary.

We take zero-waste to the next level by transforming Alberta grains from local breweries and near end-of-life produce and upcycle these existing foods to their highest use. Paired with clean, organic ingredients for gut and brain, we create delicious sustainable shelf-stable snacks under our Superfood brand. We even make dog treats under our Pure Love brand.

Our profits support pet companionship and mental health programs to ease depression and social isolation in our communities. Find out more at

***Instructions to use Calgary Dollars***

We are proud to accept Calgary Dollars (up to 50% of total). You can use this in person at our local events, or our online store at

Once we receive the Calgary Dollars, we will issue you a code for that amount off your order. Your order will be processed when both Calgary Dollars and online store transactions are complete.