Worker Coop Support!

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Support for developing worker-owned enterprises!

Our economy is clearly broken. Increasing social stratification and wealth inequality, rampant debt dependency, ecological collapse and the defunding of our communities all point to glaring structural issues.

One way to address such concerns is through the creation of worker-owned enterprises. These forms of meaningful economic democracy help to address power imbalances and fundamental flaws of capitalism, while creating a co-empowering and non-hierarchical work environment. Allyship between worker coops helps to create diffused outcomes that begin to restructure economy, as well as our assumptions and understandings.

Please reach out for support if you are considering opening a worker-owned enterprise! In addition to co-founding the Allium worker cooperative, I also sit on the board of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation, and have a graduate degree in critical economic sociology.

Donations in C$ gladly accepted :D