Start a Norfolk Resident Club or Group!

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Norfolk Network
Category: Services
Percentage accepted in C$ (%): 100.00
Price in $: $40.00
Advertisement type: Services

Any resident of any Norfolk building is encouraged to start a small group or club and open it up to other residents. Norfolk will pay C$40 to anyone who does this. Think book club, knitting group, sewing circle, D&D group, Catan, storytelling, anything at all!

Conditions: The group must meet once a month or more, the group must be open to other residents, the C$40 will be paid only once, the first 3 meetings of the group must be free for residents (you can exchange C$ after that to keep it rolling if you want!)

Contact Cynthia to arrange times/dates for the use of the Hub and to ensure you receive your payment. Call 403.270.3062.