Outdoor/Gardening Work!

Trade type: Request
Owner: Norfolk Network
Category: House, Garden
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 100.00
Price in $: $20.00
Advertisement type: Services

Do you have a green thumb?  Are you interested in keeping our outdoor building areas looking fresh this summer, while also earning Calgary Dollars?  If so, there are opportunities for the following activities and more:


-          Weeding in the flower beds

-          Planting flowers and other plants (we would cover the costs, provide tools and other supplies)

-          Watering the flowerbeds regularly

-          Norfolk Terrace, pulling weeds from the paving stones.


We are also open to other suggestions from residents. Send us your suggestions.


Please, feel free to contact Samuel at samuel.r@norfolkhousing or by calling the office at 403 270 3062, to sign up or ask any questions.