I can do your Groceries!!! Price Negotiable ❥ Marin - 587-834-4499 (Text me)

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Mahmuda Sharmin Marin
Category: Other
Percentage accepted in C$ (%): 10.00
Price in $: $25.00
Advertisement type: Services

The grocery shopping program provides a supported shopping service to individual who reside in our community and who find it difficult to shop or do not have others to shop for them. This program provides vital support and encourages independence.

How it works:


  • - Prepare a list of needed items.
  • - On Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, Out of these 3 days I can do your groceries in any 1 of the days you need,
  • - Provide as much detail as possible; this will help me when shopping for your order.
  • - You must have a minimum $40 order.
  • If you have < 40 you can still contact me, I might be able to help or figure something out.


  • Prefer cash for my service. but can by other ways.