Louise Station Book Club - Get Paid to Read

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Louise Station
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 100.00
Categories: Entertainment, Education, Other
Price in $: $20.00
Advertisement type: Services

Louise Station will pay you to connect with your neighbours and read!

C$20 paid to organizer
C$10 paid to participants

Organizer would identify book options, and organize a meeting once a month to discuss the book with neighbours.

This can be done in person, using the Louise Station common room, or if preferred, virtually using Google Meets.

COVID safety protocols must be adhered to - maximum of 6 people per group

Email programs@calgarydollars.ca if you want to organize or participate

The Louse Station Book Club pay to read!

*You can spend up to C$100 every month on rent at Louise Station*