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This subnetwork is a part of Calgary Dollars network. Learn more here, Calgary Dollars

The price of adverts must be either a minimum of 10% C$ accepted or free.


Completed new user surveys are credited C$15 and annual followup surveys are credited C$5.

New ads receive C$5/advert credit, up to 5 ads.

For each advert that is active each month, C$5 will be credit per advert. For new goods adverts, up to 10 ads of min value of $20 will get credits.

Referrals to new users earn C$40 to the existing user.

For each C$1000 you spend, you receive C$50 credit in your account.


There is a .5% fee on the C$ value of transactions billed to the buyer and the seller in C$.

An annual fee of C$5 will be charged to the user.