Bamboo Dumplings

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Delicious Gourmet Dumplings
Made in Calgary!

Enjoy restaurant quality dumplings in 7 minutes!

Bamboo Dumplings founder Carrie, has a passion for creating and sharing simple, tasty Chinese food. She grew up in a family restaurant in China surrounded by delicious food and started learning how to make authentic, Chinese dumplings with the chef when she was just twelve years old. This was done in her parents’ Dumpling House in Harbin, China using her grandparents’ famous recipe.


Her love of sharing the best Chinese dumplings and spring rolls using simple, fresh ingredients without MSG, is her passion, a passion that resulted in the creation of Bamboo Dumplings in 2018. 

She believes that great food brings people together. She hopes her food will help bring the people you love, a little closer together. 

Shop online using the code C$4dumplings to use 10% C$ towards your order. Send 10%C$ to Bamboo dumplings after processing your order on and receive your order on your doorstep on Tuesdays!

Free delivery with a minimum order of $50.

Phone Number: 403-966-9865

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