Canadian icons

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What does a black bear, bison, maple leaf and a mammoth have in common? Not really a whole lot at first glance, but when you look a little deeper into the common denominator, you will find that all 4 items are iconic Canadian symbols. Although buffalo is found all over the world, its smaller relative – the bison – is only found in North America, mainly in Canada. The black bear is Canada’s most common bear and is found in every province except P.E.I. The maple leaf is Canada’s emblem and its leaf is also found on Canada’s flag. And the mammoth, once a great species but sadly extinct, it is one of the first animals known to roam throughout Canada in the far North.

[Included in listing]

• One handcrafted Canadian icon in style of your choice


• Handcrafted out of sturdy recycled material

• Designed, crafted and created by Artisan with professional materials

• Size: approx. 4 inches long x 4 inches wide (10cm by 10cm)

[Care Instructions]

• Dust gently with feather duster.

• Do not place near water

• Do not place near open flame

• For indoor use only.

These Canadian icons make a great commemorative item of Canada’s Heritage and also make wonderful memorabilia of visits to Canada.