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Avenue is the premier city lifestyle magazine celebrating Alberta’s largest city through Avenue Calgary.

Distributed monthly, Avenue Calgary reaches active, affluent and sophisticated consumers. Through a unique blend of journalistic excellence and inspirational aesthetics, Avenue profiles city personalities, arts, fashion, home decor, dining, travel and leisure information. It has developed an excellent reputation and strong following of readers for its award-winning, intelligent, provocative and cutting-edge perspective on the people, cultures, and lifestyles that define this city. Avenue is appealing to both men and women with discerning tastes, and engages readers through its stimulating visuals and writing.

Avenue continues to become increasingly recognized for its role as the authoritative voice in the following areas: providing the best information on issues shaping the city, homes, arts & culture, food, fashion, and travel and leisure pursuits.

Avenue magazine feature the best of what this city has to offer – from arts, fashion and interior design to food – telling provocative stories about the people and issues that shape our community. Through stimulating editorial and a sleek aesthetic, Avenue reaches readers who are active, affluent and sophisticated. Our readers trust the magazine intrinsically and will often turn to our pages when making lifestyle purchases.