Health Coaching and Personal Training Program

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Owner: Journey Mind and Body
Category: Medical / health
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This is a minimum 12 week program where we work together as a team. Together, through online zoom video, we will discuss what really matters to you. We will set some goals, overcome barriers, and make a plan with accountability, that will get you strong and healthy, one step at a time. We will use live weekly video check ins for support and demonstrations. This is a program designed for women who may not know where or how to start, are new to exercise, or may be uncomfortable in a gym or group class. We will start out slow with a movement and mobility plan, followed by strength and conditioning. Nutritional support and guidance is also provided and we go from there.

Also available is the option that provides two sessions per week of live zoom one on one workouts instead of self guided workouts with weekly check-ins. Please inquire about additional cost.