Safe, Effective, Pharmacist Formulated Hyper-Local Skincare

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Lowen’s Natural Skincare is a family-owned and operated skin care company based in Calgary, Alberta. Conceived by a veteran Pharmacist committed to using organic, fair-trade, and/or locally-sourced ingredients in his company's formulas.

Established in 2010 - Lowen’s crafts safe, effective, evidence-based natural skincare products, utilizing organic, locally sourced, fair trade, fresh ingredients right here in Calgary..

Lowen's happily accepts Calgary Dollars (50% of your total purchase price - excluding taxes)

To do this, shop online, add the items you would like to purchase in your shopping cart and then use the coupon LowensCD50% when you order. You will need to pay for half of your order with Stripe or PayPal and then the remainder in Calgary Dollars.

We may have to work out the details via email and as this is a new process, thank you for working with us to work out the bugs.

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experience to develop an innovative natural diaper balm using unconventional, unrefined locally-

sourced ingredients. After some experimentation, we developed a formula that resolved Lowen’s diaper

rash within days and, with continued preventative use, the rash never came back. We knew other

parents faced the same dilemma we did and wanted to help them discover our product so that they, too,

could prevent and treat diaper rash in their children. With that lofty goal in mind, Lowen’s Natural

Skincare was born. After launching this flagship product, through extensive research and tenacity, we

expanded our product line to include a variety of other balms, lotions, cleansers, scrubs, and creams.

Today, we continue to investigate and create new products to meet the needs of our customers.