Monarch Butterfly _ DIY kit

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Beautiful butterflies abound. Have you ever watched the flight of a butterfly on its journey? A sense of freedom, excitement and a life of exploration abounds. Where is it going? What is it doing? Where will it go next? Can I get it to land on me? The monarch butterfly is artfully captured as a wall hanging piece.

Did you know that Monarch Butterflies migrate every Fall to Mexico from Canada, around the time of the Day of the Dead festival, and were believed to be the spirits and souls of loved ones returning home? Enjoy this tribute to one of Nature's Wonder.

Make a Butterfly with pre-cut recycled corrugated cardboard. A Butterfly DIY kit makes a great gift for the special one in your life who enjoys and appreciates butterflies . It is also a great group activity to engage with all artist age while discovering that upcycling is fun and easy to do at home.

The instructions are self explanatory with a clear picture of each shape you need to glue to bring your Butterfly to life. You can glue the pieces with regular white glue and paint them using acrylic paints.

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[Included in listing]
One Do It Yourself Kit to make a Butterfly OR

One Do It Yourself Kit to make a Butterfly + Painting kit for 25 CAD

• Handcrafted out of sturdy recycled material
• Designed, crafted and created by Artisan with professional materials
• Size: approx. 9 inches long x 6 inches high (23 cm by 15 cm)

[Care Instructions]
• Dust gently with feather duster.
• Do not place near water
• Do not place near open flame
• For indoor use only.