ChoccoLush Craft Chocolate Locally Made with Whole Food and Maple Sugar!

Owner: ChoccoLush
Category: Other
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 20.00
Price in $: $8.00

Choccolush is a small batch bean to bar studio that creates chocolate from the cacao bean with only whole ingredients. We believe in transparency - from where we source our beans to the final product AND mostly we believe in enjoying chocolate every day!

Vegan/Soy Free/Dairy Free/Gluten Free/Refined Sugar Free

Our Flavors! ($8.00 per chocolate bar)

Mango + Coconut White Chocolate
Original "Milk" Chocolate
Hazelnut "Milk" Chocolate with Real Raspberries
61% Dark "Milk" Cashew Chocolate
70% Rio Caribe Venezuelan Dark Chocolate
Chili Pepper 70% Dark Chocolate
Pecan Pie 75% Dark Chocolate
Maple Sponge Toffee 70% Dark Chocolate
Coffee + Vanilla 75% Dark Chocolate
Cinnamon and Cashew 80% (LOW Sugar)