Dream Box

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Dream boxes are special little boxes where you keep special little slips of paper. These slips of paper have your heart’s desires written on them. Holding your dream box and thinking about your dream first thing in the morning when you get up and last thing at night before you go to bed is the quickest way to get what your heart desires. It is part of the principles of manifestation. And a cylinder shaped dream box is perfect to hold your dreams of tropical cruises and island adventures. It is also great to hold your clippings, some special jewelry and cash to put towards the trip.

Choose from:
A Loving Moon

[Included in listing]
One Small size handcrafted Dream Box of your choice.

Handcrafted out of sturdy recycled material
Designed, crafted and created by Artisan with professional materials
Size: approx. 4.8 inches diameter x 4 inches high (8 cm round, 6.5 cm high)
[Care Instructions]
Dust gently with feather duster.
Do not place near water
Do not place near open flame
For indoor use only.

Write a few tropical wishes of your own and order the hand sculpted cylinder shaped dream case to put the wishes in.