Junk Removal, Bin Rental, Mattress Recycling, Used Furniture

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Redemptive Developments
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 10.00
Categories: Non-profit sector, Household/Commercial, Local Businesses
Price in $:
Advertisement type: Services

Redemptive Developments is an Alberta based non-profit organization, whose mission is to achieve social GOOD by establishing sustainable social enterprise. We offer a diverse and growing social enterprise portfolio, which is constantly evolving.

As a non-profit, Redemptive focuses on its staff and its social mission rather than simple profit. It is RD's goal to offer entry level laboring employment, and re-invests it’s proceeds into it's non-profit community programs. Most importantly, RD strives to pay a “living wage” opposed to simply paying a “minimum wage”.

Redemptive Developments was the first to offer mattress recycling in the City of Edmonton, and the service model has greatly expanded over eight years to include junk removal and a secondhand furniture store, all of which endeavour to provide meaningful employment to those transitioning out of homelessness as well as the general public.

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