Eclipse Solar

Owner: Eclipse Solar
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Supporting Alberta’s residential and commercial solar needs with a high-standard of education and quality since 2014.

Accepting 10% Calgary Dollars!

Founded in 2014, Eclipse Sustainability Projects began as a simple conversation between two friends who had a passion for the future of sustainability. The straightforward and sustainable practices of permaculture along with the premise of solar heating solutions ignited the establishment of Eclipse.

Eclipse creates an alternate energy source for residential and commercial uses, by taking advantage of Calgary’s abundant sunny days, and implementing solar thermal systems and technology. With backgrounds in environmental science, engineering, and specialty-type installations, the Eclipse team has the experience and the drive to educate Albertans about their alternative energy choices, and provide them with feasible and cost-effective solar thermal solutions.

Together with Solar Wholesaler, Eclipse has launched Western Canada’s first Solar Showroom in Calgary, Alberta. The showroom highlights diverse solar and sustainable technologies, provides techniques for sustainable living, and demonstrates how to improve energy efficiency.

Abiding by the well-known permaculture adage that “the problem is the solution”, Eclipse is resolved to be the solution for the future of sustainability. Eclipse hopes to build awareness around sustainability, as well as a local community of businesses and organizations that focus on the environment. Together, the aim is to make renewable energy affordable for everyone.