Allan David Bespoke Tailoring

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Allan David Bespoke Tailoring
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 10.00
Categories: Tradesmen/ Licensed Professional, Clothing/Accessories, Local Businesses
Price in $:
Advertisement type: Goods

Suits and Shirts: Hand Tailored In House

Accepting 10%C$ on the first $1000. 

Bespoke is the ultimate sartorial pursuit and the very core of Allan David Bespoke. 

Using time honoured and traditional techniques, garments are not just made for clients, but built around them. Observing the clients physic and posture we craft garments that are truly personal. Our bespoke process is guided by three fundamentals principal - fit, materials and craftsmanship.

The perfect fit - a balance of form and function.

We craft our garments to your exact body type. Taking into account your size, shape, and posture -we create a piece that is unique to your individual form. Of equal importance, we consider the functionality of the garment and how it best suites your personal taste and lifestyle. By incorporating these fundamentals, we are able to produce a piece that is unequivocally yours.

Quality of the Material - Only the best and nothing less.

That is why we offer a range of the best quality materials available from leading mills in the UK, Italy, and Switzerland. All of our fabrics are sourced using the finest natural fibres - expertly milled to provide the very best in comfort and wearability. We offer a range of beautiful Mother of Pearl and natural horn buttons for a distinct finish and luxurious feel.

Craftsmanship -Simply Do Good Work.

There is no secret to our expert craftsmanship - It simply takes time to do good work. We patiently make sure each exact detail is as it should be. Traditional techniques and hand process provide ultimate control in the construction process. With these standards, our garments will surely stand the test of time.