Plants for sale!

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Sandra Fitzpatrick
Category: House, Garden
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 50.00
Price in $: $7.00
Advertisement type: Goods

I have outdoor plants for sale (that will survive Calgary winters) as well as some indoor ones.
Price is $7 for large pots, $4 for smaller ones. Up to 50% Calgary Dollars.
We can rendezvous on weekends or some evenings, or at Calgary Dollars Markets.
Contact via email ( 

Outdoor plants:
Lanium: Ground cover with purple or white flowers.

Catnip : REALLY good nip! Will survive the winter indoors if it gets enough light.

Maggi/Lovage: From SE Asia, used in cooking. Reaches 2+ metres in height. 

Comfrey: large leaves, about 1 metre tall. Leaves make a great fertilizer.

Lily of the valley: Delicate white flowers, good for shady areas. AT least 5 stalks/7 in pot.

House plants

Spider plants

Christmas cactus (white and red)