Wanted: Pump Organ (Reed Organ) Internal Parts for Salvage

Trade type: Request
Owner: Dan Modderman
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 50.00
Categories: Art/Collectibles, House, Garden, Goods, Triwood
Price in $: $0.00
Advertisement type: Goods

Please contact me if you are converting an old pump organ/reed organ into antique-styled furniture, such as a desk, bar or bookshelf, and would otherwise be disposing of the internal musical components (such as reeds, reed cells, bellows, keyboards, stops, etc), as well as any accessories such as music books, stools/benches, etc. I will pick these items up for free or pay 50% Calgary dollars, depending what the item is and what it's condition is.

I store these parts for future reed organ restoration projects and for maintenance of organs used as musical instruments. I also make the parts available to others restoring/maintaining organs as musical instruments. If you are restoring your organ into a functional, musical instrument, feel free to contact me to see what I have available.

I can also provide information to help you evaluate if the organ is a higher quality instrument, musically speaking, that should perhaps be preserved as a musical instrument, or lower quality instrument that may be a better candidate for conversion to furniture.

Given that this work is a hobby that doesn't make money, and a volunteer effort on behalf of the reed organ restoration community, I can't offer much in payment. Contact me and we can discuss specifics.