Bracelet Making and Intention Setting

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Jaunty Gypsy
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 100.00
Categories: Art / media / design, Personal, Clothing/Accessories, Family / Children
Price in $: $20.00
Advertisement type: Services

Bracelet Making and Intention Setting Workshop 

Kits can be picked up in West Hillhurst (NW) with facilitation online. 

A guided meditation to set intention into our beads followed by an hour of bracelet design. 

The bracelet we design will be worn as a reminder of the intention we set for ourselves. 

Powerful tool for creating personal change. 

$20 per person, group rates available. 

Each kit includes enough supplies to make two bracelets. 

Completion time is 30 minutes to an hour per bracelet. 

100% Calgary Dollars Accepted