Transparent Tulle Socks

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Maria
Categories: Home-based, Art/Collectibles, Clothing/Accessories
Percentage accepted in C$ (%): 10.00
Price in $: $24.00
Advertisement type: Goods

Elegant gentle mist around your ankles.
Eye caching accessory.  
Classic sexy seam in the back.
Prefect present for fashionista.

Multiple colors are available:
  • white
  • ivory
  • black
  • red
  • pink
  • blue clear
  • violet
  • raspberry
  • wine
  • green
  • blue
  • and more

Write me to see more!
Smart model: no seam on the foot. So you can wear them even with heels as long as you want, it will not hurt on the foot.

Choose your size.

For sneakers and heels
For prom, wedding, Christmas parties and other events
For a romantic evening

Please, note that socks are very gentle, so only hand wash in cold water is recommended.

S: USA (6-7), EUR (36-37), РОССИЯ (35-36)
M: USA (7.5-8.5), EUR (38-39), РОССИЯ (37-38)
L: USA (9-10), EUR (40-41), РОССИЯ (39-40)

Material: tulle.

1 pair