Jewlery Repair & Social Gathering

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Jaunty Gypsy
Categories: Art / media / design, Beauty
Percentage accepted in C$ (%): 50.00
Price in $: $0.00
Advertisement type: Services

Have some fashion jewelry you LOVe, but it's a little broken or worn?

Want to bring some life back to it without paying a fortune at a jeweler?

Bring it down to Civic Tavern on March 25, 2020 between 5pm-7pm, I will look into bringing it back to life for you.

Enjoy some of our delicious house wine while you wait ($5.50 glasses of $20 bottle), and leave with your jewelry looking as good as new again.

This event is by donation.

25% Calgary Dollars accepted by Civic Tavern and 50% Calgary Dollars accepted by Abir.