Roni's Kitchen

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Roni’s Kitchen

Wholesome living, plant based nourishment & experiences

Established 2014

Roni’s Kitchen is a Calgary-based business, offering cooking classes and catering services for weddings, retreats and other events. Learn how to make delicious, plant-based foods from scratch, with local ingredients and flavours from around the world, or have us cater your next event!

Accepting 10% Calgary Dollars!

In June 2019 I successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign for my first cookbook.

The creation of this book has been such an exciting journey, and I am thrilled to share the finished product with you!

This book features some of my favourite recipes and the stories behind them. There are recipes from the different projects I have created in the past few years – the brunch pop-up, the weekly meal service, and my cooking classes, as well as some family recipes and recipes I discovered and created on my travels.

Find my cookbook here!