rock school! adult, youth, children

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Eugene Saunders
Category: Art/Music/Photography/Video/Lessons
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 100.00
Price in $: $25.00
Advertisement type: Services

adult rock school! also for youth and children, possibly mixed, also all women or girls!
let's get some small groups together and learn how to play tunes, makeup songs, and jam on them!
i will facilitate and gently guide the process, and provide instruments and equipment as necessary, also locations!
this could be so much fun!
my goal is to provide this experience for folk who never thought they could!
combining some simple skills with group collaboration (the hard part, which I will assist with)
maybe have a performance, if participants want!
groups of three or more, if you are just one, sign up and i will get something to work with another group or something!
let's give it a go!