guitar instruction

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Eugene Saunders
Category: Art/Music/Photography/Video/Lessons
Percentage accepted in C$ (%): 100.00
Price in $: $25.00
Advertisement type: Services

custom guitar lessons.
25-50 dollars sliding scale, 30-90 minutes. whatever is appropriate to the student. 
basic (beginner) theory and technique to advanced jazz theory. 
garagey rock stuff, jazz, soul, blues, country is my thing. 
i can help you figure out other things too tho'.
flamenco, metal, bossa nova, pop, whatever, if i can't I'll learn it or find it for you!
the main thing I can help you with is to teach you how to learn the things that will help you to learn the music that you want to play. 
hopefully it will catch! with a little regular effort and time maybe you leave with a lifelong habit!
i prefer adult students, however i am happy to teach youth and children.
I look forward to meeting you!