Natural Mattress

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Natural Mattress

Mattresses • Bed Frames • Accessories

We think sleep can change your life. That's why we build affordable, natural products designed to assist your body to wake up healthy, rested and ready to go.

Our mattresses are made using materials found growing in nature, without the use of glues, harmful chemical fire retardants, or viscoelastic memory foams.

Accepting 10% Calgary Dollars up to $2500.

HandCrafted in Calgary • Natural Materials • No Harmful Chemicals

About Us

Natural Mattress is a small (but dedicated) team. Cabinetmaker Andrew Moir designs and builds mattresses, bedroom furniture and bedding products with the finest craftsmanship, healthiest textiles and natural materials.

We’re proud to say that everything we do is designed with the needs of the human body and environmental sustainability in mind.

If you have questions about any of our products, please reach out!

To get in touch with us, simply dial (403)830-3769 and press 1 to talk to a staff member and press 2 to leave a voicemail. It’s that simple. We'd love to answer your questions, help you solve your sleeping problems, and design your dream bedroom.

Work hard. Play hard. Sleep well.