DIY kits

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Make a craft out of pre-cut recycled corrugated cardboard. Do It yourself Kit include two of the following DIY kit:

- Nature Lover Doll
- Flying Dove
- Perched Dove
- Rooster
- Hen
- Frog

This combo of DIY kit makes a great gift for the special one in your life who enjoys handmade art and crafts . It is also a great group activity to engage with all artist age while discovering that upcycling is fun and easy to do at home.

The instructions are self explanatory with a clear picture of each shape you need to glue to bring your DIY kits to life. You can glue the pieces with regular white glue and paint them using acrylic paints.

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[Included in listing]
• Two Do It Yourself Kits of your choice

• Handcrafted out of sturdy recycled material
• Designed, crafted and created by Artisan with professional materials
• Size: approx. 4 inches long x 2.2 inches high (10cm by 5.5cm)

[Care Instructions]
• Dust gently with feather duster.
• Do not place near water
• Do not place near open flame
• For indoor use only.

Ciclomanias looks at waste as a resource to create upcycled products. All the products are handmade using recycled materials such as corrugated cardboard. These unique designs are based on a technique called “Ludoplastia” which uses the geometric shapes to build three dimensional products that can replace products with a higher environmental impact such as ceramics, wood, plastics, and metal. Thanks to our customers Ciclomanias has diverted from the landfill about 4.5 tonnes of recycled corrugated cardboard and 2 tonnes of recycled plastic bottles.