Weekly Harvest Box subscription

Trade type: Offer
Owner: YYC Growers and Distributors
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 25.00
Categories: Other, Local Businesses
Website: http://www.yycgrowers.com
Price in $: $36.00
Advertisement type: Goods

We all eat in our local economy and YYC Growers is here to help you add clean food to your local lifestyle. All yoyu need to do is sign up for a fresh vegetable subscription. We will take 25% Calgary Dollars on a three month subscription (C$36). Our weekly box is available for pickup in Hillhurst Sunnyside, Marda Loop, Bridgeland, Bowness, Ramsay, South Foothills, Aspen, Westbrook, Crowfoot... $29.95 a week all year round.

YYC Growers is a Cooperative of local Urban and Rural Calgary farms. We grow the cleanest, freshest, closest, vegetables you can get in Calgary.

Website: https://www.yycgrowers.com/