The Arusha Info-Active Resource Centre

Owner: The Arusha Centre
Category: Business Services
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 100.00
Price in $:

Our rentals are a one-stop-shop for events organizers! Your $25 membership gives you great rates on the following:

Copies - $.10/copy b/w, $.50/copy colour 8x11, $1/copy colour 11x17. 100% post consumer paper. 48 hour turnaround

Buttonmaker and Magnetmakers - 1" and 1.25" magnets or buttons. Make any number for just $.30 each. Take the machine to your program for customized items or pre-make a batch for your project.

Tents - 10x10 popup tents, with weights and walls. $150/day

Bubblemakers - up 3 machines for clouds of 1" bubbles at your outdoor events!

Soundsystems - small table top speakers up to 20 line 3,000 watt live music systems

Lighting packages - LED lighting rigs

Sandwich boards - various sizes, white.

-2,000 books and dvds in our social justice and environmental library