Pay Your NHA Rent

Owner: Norfolk Network
Category: Apartments / housing
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 100.00
Price in $: $50.00

Pay your rent at Norfolk Housing with Calgary Dollars!

Residents are eligible to pay between $50-200 of their rent in Calgary Dollars (conditions may change in future).

Simply follow these steps BEFORE NOVEMBER 15th to have the rent deducted from your December rent payment:

1. Email Fatime to confirm the amount you would like to use. Email her at admin@norfolkhousing with the subject line "Calgary Dollars for December Rent"

2. Once you have confirmation from Fatime, inside the Calgary Dollars app you must pay Norfolk. Search for NNuser and make the payment you and Fatime have agreed upon.

3. Make arrangements to change your e-transfer or drop off a new cheque to the office before December 1st if necessary.

That's it! As always, contact Fatime for help or issues. 403.270.3062