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Mastercraft Socket Set is perfect for any job or purpose with an all-inclusive 184 piece set Comes in a sturdy blow mould case for easy storage and portability Fully polished nickel-plated finish provides easy maintenance and rust resistance High visibility size marking allows for quick and easy to read selection Shallow broach deep socket lets you start fasteners with ease Anti-rounding socket walls reduce fastener rounding Includes ¼"drive: 20 regular sockets, 16 deep sockets, one ratchet, one spinner handle, one extension bar, one bit holder Includes 3/8" drive: 20 regular sockets, 16 deep sockets, 15 bit sockets, two spark plug sockets, one extension bar, one ratchet Includes ½"drive: 11 sockets, one ratchet, one extension bar Includes: 30 screwdriver bits, 18 hex keys (SAE and metric), 10 combo wrenches and more