Dogs and cats sitter 😸🐢

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Owner: Charlotte Bourbon
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 100.00
Categories: Beltline, Sunalta, Kensington, Downtown Core, Other
Price in $: $20.00
Advertisement type: Services

Hello ! I'm Charlotte, 24 y.o., coming from France ! I'm currently in a PhD in ecology at UofC. As you can see, I'm working with animals and nature, trying to protect them. 👩‍🎓 My passion is confirmed in my studies and my personal time. I am currently studying caribou, but I have worked on wild cats, chickadees, deer, common frogs .... besides my studies, especially are I regularly take 2/3 weeks to volunteer in a wildlife care center. I therefore know how to take care of them according to their particular needs, especially in the event of illnesses/injuries to rehabilitate them for autumn life. For example, I took care of baby swifts (25 under my load) day and night by feeding them with pliers! I was always living with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits guinea pigs and more 🥰 ! lndeed I lived with very big dogs (mountain of the Pyrenees, Bernese mountain dog), I took care of them babies (adorable), adults and old. I can administer medications in food or by mouth (no injection). My experiences of animal care are numerous in France! among other things, it was home guards, daily walks, in town and in the countryside. I've made a few since my arrival in Canada and I've had great feedback! About my services, I can stay along the day (not the night) for house sitting. Moreover, I could take care of the house, like garden (watering plants) or common tasks (pick up mails).For walks, I think a minimum of 30 min is good, could be 1 or 2 hours depending of the dog. Contact me to precise it ! I am someone really patient, friendly and enthusiastic ! Happy to meet you to discuss and share for well-being of your babies 🌻