Lucky Moon Cat Creations

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Owner: Lucky Moon Cat Creations
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Lucky Moon Cat Creations was founded and is individually run by an experienced mother who knows well about the desire that exists for adorable, cuddly plushies within people of all ages. All of Lucky Moon Cat Creations' creatures and crafts are handmade with the utmost care to ensure that everyone has brought a smile to their face. Rather than relying on the quality of imported, assembly line-made products, Lucky Moon Cat Creations offers Canadians works of art that are made with an attention to detail. 

Cara Johnson, of Lucky Moon Cat Creations, is always accepting ideas of inspiration from her customers to strive towards offering original and exciting new plush friends to the market. Even though she is a team of one, her four children provide critical feedback for the designs of new works to come. The thought and consideration that is put into making each work of art offered by Lucky Moon Cat Creations is instantly felt the moment it reaches their customer's hands.

Now accepting 20% Calgary Dollars!

When purchasing online, use the code LUCKYMOON20. Be sure to send the Calgary Dollars portion with a description in order to complete your purchase!