Asylum for Art

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Asylum for Art
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 10.00
Categories: Concerts, Restaurants, Education, Art/Music/Photography/Video/Lessons, Local Businesses
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Advertisement type: Services

Welcome to the newest art facility in Calgary. We offer Group classes in most instruments for preschool to adult ages and all levels as well as private lessons and video services. This is a facility to do your remote RCM exam with a trained crew to take care of all the tech needs.

It is also home to MOB Cafe with is a fantastic performance space on Friday and Saturday nights bringing the coolest shows in an intimate environment with some of the tastiest treats in Calgary. Shows start at 8:00, but starting August 21, we will be starting early - 6:00 - with a Preshow Show and happy hour specials.