Her Leather Co.

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Her Leather Co
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 10.00
Categories: Art/Collectibles, House, Garden, Clothing/Accessories, Local Businesses
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Advertisement type: Goods

Her Leather Co is a Calgary based company run by Elissa, a mother of three who juggles raising her kids and growing her local business.

She has always loved creating, especially using natural materials and repurposing used materials into new concepts and creations. She uses a combination of new and reclaimed leather coupled with new hardware and unique details.

Anything with stitches is sewn by hand by Elissa using two leather needles and waxed awl thread. This technique is called saddle stitching. It is a method that has a beautiful aesthetic, is durable and strong, does not unravel like machine sewn stitching can, and is easy to repair if needed.

The company was originally under the name ‘elissaloves’ and officially began in September 2017. In February 2019 the company rebranded and became ‘Her Leather Co.’

Thank you for supporting a local family business.

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