Her Leather Co.

Trade type: Offer
Owner: Her Leather Co
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 10.00
Categories: Art/Collectibles, House, Garden, Clothing/Accessories, Be Local, Local Businesses
Website: http://www.herleatherco.ca
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Advertisement type: Goods

Her Leather Co is a Calgary based company run by Elissa, a mother of two who juggles raising her kids and growing her local business.

She has always loved creating, especially using natural materials and repurposing used materials into new concepts and creations. She uses a combination of new and reclaimed leather coupled with new hardware and unique details.

Elissa designs and makes leather bags and accessories for knitters, crocheters and fibre artists. You will find leather yarn bowls to help keep your yarn in check when knitting or crocheting, leather bases to make crochet baskets or plant pots. Leather pouches to store scissors and darning needles and so many more items.

Thank you for supporting a local family business.

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