Pushpa'a Pyrography

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Owner: Pushpa's Pyrography
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Beautiful art, for your wall, or in your kitchen!

Accepting 10% Calgary Dollars!

Pushpa's Pyrography celebrates life through art, inspires creativity and spreads joy. Pushpa creates unique handcrafted wood burnt products that are original, functional, affordable and cherished.

Pyrography (aka wood burning) is the art of using a heated metal tip to burn wood to create decorative patterns. Although Pushpa loves working with organic, natural and eco friendly materials like wood, leather and paper, wood is her favorite medium. Her subjects, inspired by natural elements and life around her are captured with different tones of brown - from light to chestnut hues by varying the pressure and temperature of the metal pen.

Pushpa's artistic journey began a few years back when she stumbled upon pyrography quite by chance. Through her own personal experience, she realized the healing power of her art in dealing with depression. Pushpa aims to have a positive impact on mental health and community wellness through workshops and art therapy for specific demographics, especially at-risk youth and people struggling with depression.

Pushpa is always looking to engage local suppliers for her raw material and is happy to collaborate with other local businesses