The Sentry Box Games

Owner: Sentry Box
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 50.00
Categories: Sports/Equipment, Art/Collectibles, Sunalta, Childrens, Local Businesses
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19,000 sq. ft. of miniatures, science fiction, military, games and fantasy!

43 years in business with over 19,000 sq.ft. of science fiction, fantasy, and historical games, books and miniatures! The Sentry Box is the world's largest game store and is a mecca for gamers and hobbyists both from Calgary and the world. Looking for a new board game for you, your friends or your kids? You will find it here! The Sentry Box also hosts a number of workshops and game nights weekly.

Please note that Sentry Box Cards while attached to our building, has been sold and does not accept Calgary Dollars. We still work closely together but they deal in collectible card games.

The Sentry Box (403) 245-2121, 1835 10th Ave S.W.