DIY Doves Painting kit

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Your home is your refuge, your safe space, your place to relax and just be you. Typically, it is a place of peace that cuts the rest of the busy world away from you. It is often referred to as a sweet, comfortable home. Doves are also a sign of peace, love and sweetness and will grace your home nicely.

Make your own Doves made of pre-cut recycled corrugated cardboard.

[Included in the box]

2 DIY Kits (a flying dove and a perched dove)
White Glue
2 paint brushes
1 cardboard palette
2 pcs clothespins
1 pc 5 - color acrylic paints
2 pcs toothpicks
A string or a magnet
A set of instructions

For further reference please watch the online Ciclomanias’ Tutorial at:

[Care Instructions]
Dust gently with feather duster
Do not place near water
Do not place near open flame

If you have any questions contact us at:

Home Sweet Home Doves make a very nice housewarming gift, Baptisms, 1st communion , baby shower, wedding, Christmas tree ornament or a unique gift for a bird lover.