coRISE Upcycled Superfoods

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Owner: Sophia Tang
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coRISE is a social enterprise that upcycles local brewery byproducts and transforms them into nutritious superfoods.

Fuel your mind and body while helping the planet with sustainable plant-based, all-natural antioxidant snacks. Small batch handmade with real ingredients. High fiber, high protein, prebiotic and low gluten. Our cookies, granola, crackers, and energy bars are made with all-natural ingredients like organic MCT oil, turmeric and matcha designed to positively affect your brain and gut health.

coRISE products are free from:

Our flavour profiles are baked in as a result of the different malted grains the brewers use. Even if you're not a beer drinker, you'll be sure to find something you'd love.

Your purchases help us reduce landfills/co2 emissions and food waste by repurposing grains and other ingredients to higher use. Join us on this upcycle journey now, and FiberUp! with Beyond Beersnacks today!

***Instructions to use Calgary Dollars***

coRISE is proud to accept Calgary Dollars (up to 100% of total). You can use this during your visit at our local market events, or online store here at

Apply coupon "yycdollars" at checkout. Your order will be fulfilled once the Calgary Dollars transaction is complete.