Living Walls

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Owner: Vertical Oxygen Living Walls
Percent (%) C$ accepted: 10.00
Categories: House, Garden, Household/Commercial, Local Businesses
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Vertical Oxygen recognizes the mental and physical health benefits that plants bring to our lives, and has been building living walls across North America since 2012.

Founder Nathalie Callede grew up in Africa surrounded by tropical plant life, which planted the seeds of her passion. She studied ethnobotany in France, and after putting up with seven year's worth of frigid Alberta winters wanted to create a tropical escape for herself and others. She runs the company with her carpenter husband Tim Suddaby by her side. 

Services Include

-Mobile Living Walls

-Integrated Aquaponics

-Off-Grid Solar PV Powered Systems

-Rain-Water Irrigation

-Double-Sided Living Walls

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