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To fully sign up for C$, you need to do 3 things:

1. First: Register for a Listings account below

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  • Go to your email, and activate your account

2. Post a Listing on this site.

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If you do these 3 things we'll send you C$20 in the mail! Don't worry we'll remind you of the steps in an email after you fill out the form below

How Should I Post a Listing?

We believe everyone in Calgary has something to offer their community. From a high end professional service, or budding new business, to an old hockey stick, or lending a helping hand in shovelling snow or yard work, you’ve got something uniquely you that is of value and worth to offer.

  1. Decide on what you will offer in services or goods. It can be anything! A business, a skill, flea market items, high quality organics, vegetables from your garden, etc.
  2. Determine the amount or % you will accept in C$. For example, accept 50% C$ - so half CND half C$. Or, 75% C$ - so three quarters in C$, and one quarter in CND.

Attend monthly Markets to network make transactions and spend your C$.

Increase your purchasing power, improve your quality of life and help to strengthen our community.

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    I have viewed/reviewed the Calgary Dollars introductory video and understand the use of Calgary Dollars as a complementary currency.

    Calgary Dollars accepts no responsibility for the availability of goods and/or services.